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I'm Dr. Jill Weber, a high-energy communication educator, coach, and consultant with 20+ years of teaching experience.


As the Director of Communication for GME at the University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria (UICOMP), I'm focused on helping medical residents, fellows, and attendings have more effective and satisfying communication interactions with their patients, colleagues, and other care team members.

In the last five years I’ve:

  • Aided 50+ trainees and attendings in avoiding or getting off of probation for communication or professionalism-related concerns.

  • Helped 15+ programs improve their communication- and professionalism-related compliance scores on ACGME surveys.

  • Co-created a structured feedback conversation model that received a 93% satisfaction rate from faculty and an 85% satisfaction rate from residents in a pilot study. (Poster Presented at the 2023 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference.)

  • Delivered 50+ presentations to medical providers and educators across the country including a three-hour co-taught feedback workshop at the 2022 International Association of Medical Science Educators. 

You will quickly see that I am passionate about communication and love helping people authentically connect with each other and themselves.


So, please reach out, whether it's for coaching, a consultation, or just a friendly chat. Let's embark on an exciting journey of growth and improvement together.



p.s. Check out the featured resource for Remote Interviewing Tips

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Get in Touch

I'd love the opportunity to chat about your communication and professionalism experiences and needs. Please reach out.

Jill M. Weber, Ph.D.
Director of Communication, Office of Graduate Medical Education
Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences Education and Pathology
University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria

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