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Hi, I'm Jill.

Let's work together to improve communication and professionalism in your graduate medical education program.

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How I can help you:

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I offer presentations for faculty and trainees about  feedback, managing conflict, and other topics. 


I provide coaching to build communication and leadership skills and remediate communication and professionalism issues.

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Needs Assessments

I work closely with programs to identify core communication and professionalism issues and implement initiatives to address them.

What your colleagues
have said:

Program Director

"I never thought I would say this, but I now point to [resident coached] as a role model for effective communication. I am not sure how you do it, but we really appreciate your work!" 

Program Coordinator

“Thank you so much for doing this. Your investment in our training program and faculty development is truly appreciated."


“Thank you for an enlightening and engaging talk. We tend to forget that we are human beings with strengths and weaknesses mixed into this diverse work environment, all with the same purpose . . . Thank you for giving us the tools to improve the way we work with one another. We greatly appreciate the candid discussions."


“I tell everyone that Jill Weber was the best resource my program gave me. I will continue to use these skills for the rest of my career. Thank you so much.”

Get in Touch

I'd love the opportunity to learn more about your communication and professionalism needs and how I may help. Please reach out via email or by completing the form.

Jill M. Weber, Ph.D.
Director of Communication, Office of Graduate Medical Education
Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences Education and Pathology
University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria

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Thank you for reaching out. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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