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Decoding Learner Feedback Dissatisfaction: An Introduction to the Series

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

What do their feedback complaints really mean?

Every year, ACGME surveys our residents and fellows to assess their level of satisfaction with their program. And every year, one topic consistently generates lower compliance scores than other areas: satisfaction with faculty members’ feedback.

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Un/fortunately, we aren’t alone. Nearly every publication about GME learner feedback states or alludes to two common trainee complaints:

they don’t receive enough feedback or the feedback they receive isn’t helpful.

While the survey gives us a useful “heads up” that there is or may be a problem, it doesn’t give us insight into what that problem may be.

Analyzing Learner Feedback Messages: A useful Framework

In the next few posts, I am going to describe ten different learner feedback complaints and provide some tips for how you might use this framework to decode your learner’s feedback dissatisfaction and respond to their concerns.

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