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Sample Topics

  • "How to Provide Feedback Others Can Hear, Apply, and (Hopefully) Appreciate." Five-Part Faculty and Trainee Development Series

    • Session 1: "Three Types of Feedback and When, Why, and How to Provide Them"

    • Session 2: "The Three Elements Every Feedback Message Needs: How to Craft Specific and Actionable Feedback Statements"

    • Session 3: "How to Build More Positive Feedback Relationships and Climates: Promoting Trust, Optimism, Respect, Intentionality, and Care" 

    • Session 4: "Responding to (and Reducing) Defensiveness: How to Manage Difficult Feedback Interactions"

    • Session 5: "Assessing (and Advancing) Your Skills: How to Obtain Useful Feedback from Others"

  • ​"Win-Win Feedback Interactions: Promoting More Positive and Productive Learning Conversations"

  • "How to Reduce Defensiveness in Feedback Discussions: Creating Supportive 'Face-Saving' Messages"

Teamwork and Interpersonal Interactions
  • "Five Communication Issues that Can Land you in the Hot Seat (And How to Avoid Them)"

  • "How to Manage Conflict More Effectively and Promote Collaborative Solutions"

  • "More Than Meets the Ear: Eight Types of Ineffective Listening and How to Reduce Them"

  • "Helping Others Feel Heard: Seven Types of Listening Responses and When and How to Use Them"

  • "Promoting Positive Communication Climates: Examining Defensive and Supportive Messages”

  • "Effective Communication Tips and Strategies: Promoting Positive Interprofessional Interactions”

  • "Identifying Your Strengths and Working with Others’"

  • "Reducing the ‘Work’ in Networking: How to Foster More Meaningful Professional Interactions"

  • "How to Conduct a Great Remote Interview--Tips and Tricks"

Teaching, Coaching, and Mentoring
  • "Creating Positive Learning Climates"

  • "Empowering Your Learners to Grow: How to Increase Motivation, Engagement, and Critical Thinking in Your Learning Environment"

  • "How to Get Better at Anything: Promoting a Growth Mindset for Yourself and Others"

  • "Helping Learners in Need: An Introduction to Invitational Coaching"

  • "How to Build Beneficial and Meaningful Mentoring Networks"

  • "Creating a Resident-Faculty Mentoring Program"

Presentation Development 
  • "How to Prepare Effective Presentations (and Still Have Time to Sleep)"

  • "How to Avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’: Essential Tips for Preparing Clear and Compelling Presentations* (*Especially if You Are Overworked, Overtired, and Don’t Have a Design Team at Your Disposal)"

Professional Well-Being
  • "Shifting the Lens from Wellness to Well-Being: A Humanistic Response to Physician Burnout”

  • "Communication, Well-Being, and Shame Resilience"

  • "How to Create Goals You Can and Want to Achieve"

  • "Managing Stress for Peak Performance"

  • "How to Motivate Yourself and Reduce Procrastination"

  • "How to Make the Most of Your Time, Energy, and Talents"

  • "The Resilient Resident: How to Bounce Back from Difficult Situations"

  • "How to Ask for and Accept Help"

  • "When to Say 'Yes' and How to Say 'No'"

  • "How to Reduce Self-Doubt and Increase Your Confidence"

  • "How Our Perceptions Shape (and Distort) Our Thinking and What You Can Do Address It"

*Presentation formats, lengths, examples, and engagement exercises can be modified to meet your program and audience's needs. 

Additional presentation topics can be developed by request.

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